In line with its manufacture philosophy, Lunesa develops and makes its own movements inhouse. The accomplishments of this longterm strategy are proven expertise and a complete portfolio of movements. The extensive collection of Haute Horlogerie movements is illustrated by all our pieces: The Tourbillon with multiple complications including, for example, chronograph, perpetual calendar, or minute repeater. Lunesa offers also a complete range of self-winding mechanical movements. Lunesa watches are designed to satisfy the demands of current and future collections. The internally produced movements are part of a modern and original approach to the development of mechanical watches, combined with the timeless respect for the brand’s heritage and philosophy. We are assigned with the task of coming up with new mechanisms, and find new solutions. The caliber gradually takes shape on the developer’s screen. The challenge is overwhelming: inside a diameter of a few centimeters, he has to assemble one to two hundred microscopic components, manage their thousands of interactions and make sure they can stand the test of time. Solving the questions of space uptake and intermeshing takes months, sometimes years of consideration. The tiniest modification may affect a host of other parts, and with each assumption that the engineer tries out, he has to reexamine and readjust all the parameters, over and over again. The designer develops his project with the aid of advanced software, CAD and 3D simulation tools. There is no room for estimates: the engineer has to design all the production processes of the movement and the tools needed to make it. Complex calculations take place to choose the best manufacturing options, each process, each tool has to be the most suitable for efficient production methods. All these factors must be checked to make sure production and assembly will go smoothly. Alongside the engineer, the designer makes dozens of plans to finalize the design process. We organize the tree structure of each element, from the row material cutout down to the final piece with all the components set in place. This lengthy task provides a description of the movement down to the last detail, at every stage of its development.